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Iroquois Lacrosse Team Denied

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Before the Game by Robert Griffing

Before the Game by Robert Griffing

During the American Revolution, the six tribes of the Iroquois Nation maintained a public policy of neutrality. Yet several individual members (my ancestor Joseph Brant included) sided with the British with the hope that tribal sovereignty would be preserved when the British ultimately prevailed. Of course, they didn’t prevail and the rest is history.

When the Treaty of Paris was signed, thereby ending the war, the British and Americans ignored Indian sovereignty and declared all tribal land to be part of America. After the war, the American government rectified this situation and established the bullshit reservation system that has endured to this day.

In short, this isn’t the first time the British and Americans have fucked the Iroquois Nation and it certainly won’t be the last.

What I’m referring to is England’s decision to ignore the guarantee from Hillary Clinton and the American government that would have allowed the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse team to travel to Manchester and play in an international tournament widely regarded as the Olympics of lacrosse. When I wrote the column for the Long Island Press that appears as a blog entry below, it had been determined at the 11th hour that the team would be able to travel and a crisis had been averted. Naturally this wasn’t the case and the wrong thing happened yet again.

To the team members whose ancestors invented the game of lacrosse, I can only offer the following words.

Fuck ’em.

I hope you find comfort in this sentiment. Next time the tournament is held, let’s have it at Onondaga and deny the British passports when they reach the border of the reservation.


Written by jmorey

July 16, 2010 at 2:28 pm

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